I’m Michal Utko

Creative Director
& Designer

My Goal

To ensure your voice, brand & personality is communicated though whatever I work on. This is achieved by doing research, engaging you and your team in meaningful conversations and reviewing previous assets and strategies.

This depth of immersion is important to me on small & large engagements.


I’ve worked on hundreds of projects from small to very large. Throughout my career I built up my confidence as a creative director and a designer. I understand budgets, timelines and circumstances have great impacts on projects and rather than fight them I embrace them.

Constraints forced me to create some of my best work.


Passion drives me, it guides me, it makes decisions easy and difficult at the same time. It fuels my curiosity and forces me to problem solve to achieve the desired outcome.


There is so much more to design than just the technical knowledge. I continually study, research and challenge myself to better understand the theory behind all I do. I strive to understand human behaviours, expectations, patters & weaknesses. I learn something new everyday. 

Do you have a project, brand or an idea that can use my help?

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